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Anita – Rising Up from the Underground!

Hi there, all. I have had a lot of messages recently asking if I am okay, alive and well, and I sure am! December and January had very little Anita business and I am guessing it’s mainly due to men having to pay their holiday bills so I didn’t take it too seriously.  It’s been tough making my mortgage so I am not going to lie that it has been touch and go. But here I am, still alive and kicking and ready to get back to work as Anita.

I am hoping there are still men out there looking to get together. I have had my share of men who want to continue to be grandfathered and right now because I am hosting at a Schaumburg apartment where I have to drive from the south suburbs to the northwest suburbs and pay for the apartment for just one gentleman, it wouldn’t be possible. That one-hour drive includes gas and apartment rate expenses. Financially I couldn’t justify a grandfather as I would take a significant loss, walking away with only $90.  As far as doing a Northbrook hotel week, a West Suburb hotel week, or a South Suburb hotel week, I would have to have three gentlemen join me minimally in each location to make it worth my while for even a one-day hotel hosting.  So keep that in mind.

I know I am still a hot and wild cougar and I have a lot to offer gentlemen even at my current age. I also have grown a lot as a fetish sensual domination provider from where I started six years ago. So those of you out there on the fence, please reach out. I will need to lightly screen you due to risks to my life if I have never met you before.

Anyone out there who has reached out in the past six or eight weeks without a response from me, please reach out again. I do believe there was a time when I wasn’t receiving my booking forms (technical issues with my website) so if that was any of you, it wasn’t me ignoring you at all.

Regarding starting to travel through the Midwest and other locations in the U.S., the earliest I could travel would be mid-March (waiting for the winter to be over with since I do drive to my locations). I did enjoy my travels but the truth of the matter is I lost money in October and November as so many cancellations and time wasters. Cleveland, Columbus, Milwaukee, Madison, Novi, and Omaha were disasters.

So frankly I do have to think if touring is financially worth it for me to do. Maybe I need to just stay put in Chicagoland? That’s been floating around my head for the last two months. At the very least I may have to institute a deposit policy (to make an appointment) for strictly touring (not local Chicagoland) only. That’s kind of where I am at right now. I’ll let you know what I decide in the next couple of weeks.

I did pick up a part-time job to fill in with for a while but unfortunately, it is not a real money maker. It does get me out of the house and keeps me from brooding at home.

Thank you to all who have reached out to send positive messages and well wishes of concern for me! I appreciate it!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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