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Anita’s Status for the week of April 3rd – Northbrook week of April 11th (check in Tues 4pm April 11th)!

Hi there, all. Sorry for the delay. For those that didn’t know the whole story, on Monday, March 27th, I had two biopsies at a nearby hospital. I went home and recuperated and checked in on Wednesday afternoon of that week in Lombard. I worked also on Thursday, March 30th. I started feeling poorly around late afternoon Thursday, first with a real bad headache, and then a scratchy throat and started coughing a lot. I got home Thursday night and took a few Ibuprofin and checked the cupboards for flu medication and didn’t find anything. I haven’t been sick for a long time so just didn’t have anything on hand. I woke up on Friday with chest pains and pains in my back on top of a hack cough and just feeling achy all over. I took a COVID-19 test and it was negative. I called my Doctor’s office and they advised me to call 911.

Well, I did not call 911. I had to take care of bathing my Bearded Dragon (he is potty trained to go poo in water so I give him a bath several times a week) and cleaning his tank. Then I steamed cleaned my dog, Reilly’s crate and steam cleaned all the pet dishes. I got the two dogs, Belle and Reilly and cat’s, Mitten’s, food ready and the Bearded Dragon Zeus’ food ready and situated in case I get held at the hospital on the weekend. Left all the proper notes. I got a gal who walks the dogs to come by at 1pm to walk the dogs on Friday. All of that took about two hours. Then I drove to the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital, I was sweaty, feverish, achy, hack coughing and overall wishing someone could put me out of my misery.

I went through all the testings and sat and waited six hours for an ER room. Finally got in there. Doctor told me with all the tests, it appeared to be bacterial Pneumonia. The only place I expected that I got this bacteria was likely when I had the biopsies on Monday. So he had me given intravenous antibiotics for about an hour. It took them about 2 hours to return to me (it was awful, this hospital treats their patients like livestock). By that time I ripped the IV out and was putting on my clothes. Nurse gave me my paperwork and I left to pick up my antibiotic.

So far, the struggle is real on removing the tape marks from my body (from the EKG). Anyone that has any ideas on anything that will help, let me know.

Since then, I have been in and out of it. Still not the best but I think I might be slightly improving. The Doctor I met with today (back to the Doctor’s office) said the likelihood is I won’t feel significantly better until this weekend. So I won’t be making it to Schaumburg. It kills me, I’ve lost a significant amount of money this week (at least $1,500) due to not working. I had a cancel a few pre-books (I NEVER do that). I’m nervous, on edge and feel awful. I am weak so I can’t even imagine lifting my massage table and carrying it from the car to the room. I likely would have passed out on the way.

Good news, my biopsies were negative.

So, I’ve tried to hope that the men that were displaced and cancelled this week will join me next week either early in the week in Downers Grove or Schaumburg apartments for appointments or in Northbrook when I check in on Tuesday 4pm April 11th. I hope to be there through Friday morning, April 14th but the likelihood is it will be at least through Thursday noon. It will really depend on pre-bookings! I keep trying to remind men that SW’s entire business right now is all based on men pre-booking appointments. We cannot go anywhere, even locally to Northbrook, without having at least three pre-bookings. It’s all based on how high hotel prices are right now, not to mention escalating gas prices and food costs. I feel like I am a broken record but it’s the truth.

So Northbrook guys, if you do not want a provider that provides such services as FBSM, GFE, BDSM/Strapon Pegging or Kink Bondage Massages to come visit, the quickest way to not get me is to not book and then you are left with whatever or whoever you enjoy I guess and not me.

Next week April 10th week, I will be back to all services.  I will also be adding in more combo services and working on that this weekend. I have already created the combo service of BDSM/Strapon and Kink Bondage Massage (see Consideration Page) as a gentleman asked me if I could do that for him. Because it’s a combo, it needs to be a 90 minute minimum. I will also be creating a combo FBSM with GFE companionship component. I have had men ask about that. Hopefully if I can somehow stay alert, I’ll have that updated on the Consideration page by this weekend.

Keep in mind, what I offer is considerably different than an asian massage parlor. There are guys that will be “parlor” guys for their entire lives and will never seek me out. They like the little asian ladies even if the asian ladies don’t get into providing the extra mouth action and seem very disinterested in them. If that’s their cup of tea, I am not here to compete with them on that.

I am Wild and Mistress Anita. My clients get A-#1 service. I had gentlemen join me in Lombard last week for FBSM that were very in love with my FBSM services. Loved every minute of it and loved my personal attention. My massage oil is to die for as well.

So please don’t contact me to match the asian parlor prices. Because what I offer and what they offer do not match and I am worth it.

I do have a funny memory every time I think of asian massage parlors: I think of Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots, on video, getting his “Skippy” rubbed and tugged and it being shown on the 5pm news. With that massage parlor being raided, I wonder how many marriages that broke up. At least Robert Kraft was single when that happened. Cops are seriously raiding and closing many of those asian massage parlors down.

Remember the FBSM services are only on special through April 15th. The Kink Bondage Massage is only on special through April 30th. You might want to think about treating yourselves!

Hope to see everyone the week of April 10th! (in either Downers Grove or Schaumburg apartments and in Northbrook).

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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