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Cancelled Madison but heading to Milwaukee starting Sept 13th through Friday, Sept 15th. Grand Rapids is on next week.

Hi there, all. I am heading out to Milwaukee (Brookfield area) starting tomorrow Wednesday, Sept 13th through Friday noon Sept 15th.  I had to cancel Madison due to lack of bookings but I had a couple of gentlemen reach out after (too late unfortunately) and I do plan on adding Madison back in November. That will hopefully help others get their fix that feel they missed it this time.

I do have a few parties interested in Grand Rapids next week so likely that is totally ON. Novi (a suburb outside of Detroit) looks like it is on the bubble as no bookings yet.  I hope it picks up but as usual I did so well the last time, maybe it was just a fluke. I need at least three gentlemen to book a location such as Novi. If it’s a 6 to 8-hour drive such as Minneapolis and Omaha, preference is a minimum of 4 pre-books.

What’s the big deal about getting pre-books versus just taking chances? It’s the cost of hotels, gas, and food. That is a lot of money to spend if I have no proof that I will get business. Frankly, some locations such as for example, Madison, have had success for me and failure for me. My visit in March went really well in Madison. During my visit in June unfortunately, I broke even. I didn’t make a profit. I can’t just show up and take chances on any location I have advertised. It is a business and it is about profits. Do I love my work, sure I do. But I can’t lose money.

FYI, the concept of canceling if no pre-bookings is pretty common for most touring providers. Many girls also have minimum pre-bookings they require before they make the trip. So I am not the only one who does this.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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