Anita Love

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

Hi there, all. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday season! This is the start which means a month until Christmas!

I am grateful for my adult children, granddaughter, my furry friends Belle, Reilly and Mittens and my Bearded Dragon, Zeus.

I know, everyone asks why a reptile? I’ll just say, I was always that odd female child, otherwise known as a “Tom Boy” that collected bugs, climbed trees and had skinned knees more times than not. I always wanted a reptile of some sort. My first Bearded Dragon, Kona died three months due to some congenital kidney defect. I bought him from a pet store which is a big mistake.

My second Bearded Dragon, Zeus who is now 15 months old (I adopted him from a breeder) is now healthy after six weeks of antibiotics treating parasites. He is a big happy boy Bearded Dragon. Bearded Dragons are the “dogs” of the reptile world so they do interact with their owners/families.  Bearded Dragons can live 10 years so it is definitely something you WANT to do for the long haul. They do require annual vet visits after the first year which requires more due to the possibility of illnesses/parasites they may bring along with them once you adopt them.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday week!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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