Anita Love

Heading out of town for the Birthday weekend Nov 9th thru 12th. Next week is Detroit suburbs Nov 14th thru 16th.

Hi there, all. I am heading out of town Thursday, Nov 9th thru Sunday, Nov 12th for my birthday weekend (a short vacation). I won’t have my work cell phone with me so if you don’t hear back, I’ll get back to everyone on Sunday night.

Next week I am heading out to the Detroit suburbs for Tuesday, Nov 14th, 4 pm through Thursday Noon Nov 16th. Those of you old friends and any new friends, hope to spend some time with you there. Any new friends that have not screened, please try to get that information to me via email, text or booking form as soon as possible. I will get to them all on Sunday night. I will also be sending out the addresses to those who have already booked with me for Detroit on Sunday night as well.

Thank you to a few gentlemen who sent me birthday money. I really appreciate it. I needed it for my vacation! Thank you again.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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