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Heading out of town to Omaha this week Tuesday, Sept 26th thru Friday noon Sept 29th.

Hi there, all. This week I am heading out of week to Omaha Tuesday, Sept 26th through Friday, Sept 29th 12 PM. Next week, Wednesday, October 4th thru Friday, October 6th noon is St. Louis (west of city Suburb).  I won’t be visiting Bloomington before it this time. I need a bit of a break after Omaha since Omaha is such a far drive.

I do have openings for Chicagoland gents on Monday and Tuesday, October 2nd and 3rd to meet me in Schaumburg but I can’t say this enough: Advance booking 3 hours to 24 hour notice for Schaumburg. Some men understand the advance notice and abide by it and I thank them very much. Other men have to have a rock wall fall on them as I have to tell them hundreds of times and they still contact me for last-minute appointments.

So it isn’t personal, I just don’t feel like doing the last-minute appointments anymore. The cost of hotels is just totally out of hand. I totally appreciate and enjoy the Chicagoland men that I have spent time with, many of them since the early years when I first started back in 2014. I totally understand “cock time” and men sometimes don’t anticipate the openings in their schedules. I also understand men have to find a way “out of the house” and it isn’t always easy.

I also understand men’s budgets and with that, I have delayed raising my rates until after the Fall tour. So the next rate increase won’t be until February 2024. I did drop the BDSM and Kink Massage rates by $50 temporarily but they will go back up by mid-November.

Hopefully everyone is having a great week!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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