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Hosting in Indianapolis Tues 4/18 5pm thru Fri 4/21 12pm! Madison/Milwaukee cancelled week of April 24th

Hi there, all. I am hosting in Indianapolis on Tuesday April 18th starting at 5pm thru Friday, April 21st 12pm. I do have enough gents that have verified/screened to be with me. A couple still to book, so hopefully that will work out but I do have four already booked. So I am hoping for a successful Indy trip.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed with Northbrook turnout, so I likely won’t be back. I tried! You can only hope that guys will wake up and come out to see me. So for those guys that did make it from the north suburbs, unfortunately, should you want to rebook, Schaumburg would be the location for you all in the future.

Regarding Milwaukee/Madison trip, I will postpone that trip to early June so for those guys watching my website from those areas, I do hope to get there. I know at least Madison will likely turn out but I just couldn’t afford the Wisconsin touring advertising on Eros this time around. That’s the tough part. Without enough bookings, advertising touring pricing is killing me. And of course, my being off work sick with pneumonia the week of April 3rd didn’t help. Unfortunately, a couple of those guys that I had to cancel on the week of April 3rd, weren’t able to book in Northbrook this week.

For the week of April 24th, I will be likely hosting in Schaumburg and Lombard (maybe a day or two in each place).  Please reach out if you want an appointment that week. Also, a reminder the FBSM and Kink Massages are still on special through the end of April.

It looks like St. Louis and Minneapolis trips are BOTH on. I am getting some feedback, booking/screening forms so I am going to go ahead and plan that those trips will happen.

Thank you to all that have reached out and sent some donations based on me being off sick. Your support is very much appreciated.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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