Anita Love

Hosting in Lombard January 17th Tuesday evening thru Friday noon January 20th

Hi there all. Where is everyone?  No one wants a stab at me in the New Year? Schaumburg was dead last week and this upcoming week of Jan 17th thru 20th looks slow in Lombard. Please note Tuesday evening Jan 17th thru Friday noon January 20th hopefully I’ll be hosting at Lombard hotel. I’m hoping to get the one in the private location that I have gotten in the past but no bookings yet so please reach out. I can’t book the hotel without at least a few gentlemen’s bookings.

Regarding apartments, Schaumburg and Downers Grove apartment. s are on the list as possibilities for this week as well. 3 hours to 24 hours notice required for the apartments. If wanting a noon appointment in DG or Schaumburg, it is best to contact me the night before as the ladies I subrent from do take a few hours to get back to me in the morning.  The faster response is usually the Schaumburg lady as the other lady from Downers Grove has been having difficulties in being able to be reached lately. So try to give me notice!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Loving my NFL playoff weekend!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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