Anita Love

Hosting in Northbrook starting Monday, Nov 14th 4pm through Thursday, Nov 17th 12pm!

Hi there, all. This could be my last time in Northbrook as a provider! I am hosting in Northbrook starting Monday, November 14th 4pm through Thursday, November 17th 12pm! Obviously the weather makes a difference as I live 130 miles round trip from Northbrook (think Indiana border).

So if the snow starts up and is bad in December that will likely mean I can’t make the December trip to Northbrook.  So those of you north suburbanites on the fence regarding meeting me, you may want to topple off the fence next week! I promise you will fall safely in my arms.

My BDSM business is going great guns. I’m talking so many just totally flabbergasted that I have improved 10 fold. I have come into my own as a dominant Goddess/Mistress and you do NOT want to miss spending time with me before my retirement. Yes, I do combine GFE with my BDSM services. I am a sensual dominant.

Hoping to see many regulars and new clients next week!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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