Anita Love

Hosting in Omaha starting Tuesday, May 16th 6pm through Friday May 19th 12pm.

Hi there all. I do have openings in Omaha this week May 16th to 19th with four pre-books. Looking forward to meeting some new newly verified clients.

Last past week in Minneapolis went pretty well. I totally enjoyed my time with my new clients and one prior now “regular” client. I’m doing whatever I can to make men swoon and want me back. One email from a mature gentleman said “Just wanted to thank you for a great time and for satisfying my ‘nipple fetish’…loved the long sensual kisses and your talented hands! Again, please let me know should the beautiful Anita return to Mpls.”

I think my great attitude does help win people over. I had one gentleman that came for a Kink Massage and was unhappy my “hood” and my ball gag didn’t fit around him. He was a big guy, likely 275 to 300 pounds. Again, just like in anything “One size Fits All” doesn’t always apply. Many of my bigger guys bring their own stuff that they have fitted to themselves. It would be the same thing for clothing, nylons and shoes. I am a different size than they are. I totally understand as I have struggled and gone up, down, up and down on the scale over the years so some of that could be just anger at oneself coming out too.

The week of May 22nd in Bloomington, Illinois may be canceled as I have had only a couple express interest but no bookings. I did have one guy book and then cancel. If Bloomington week is canceled, I’ll likely spend time in either Schaumburg or Lombard. Again, please remember if you don’t screen (only need to screen if NEW) and pre-book, I won’t show up in that town/city. It’s all about three or more pre-bookings. I can’t put more miles on my car for just a pipedream. I have 147,000 on my little Honda right now and with all of the tour locations scheduled for June and July, obviously, I will weed out locations where I get no interest, screenings and pre-bookings.

Please note that Saturday, Sundays and Mondays do work for pre-booked apartment meets in either Schaumburg or Downers Grove, irregardless of where I travel to on Tuesday thru Friday. I have had guys reach out with no notice and unfortunately, the business has gone to 3 hours to 24 hours notice. If wanting Downers Grove, minimally it is 24 to 48 hours’ notice. Keep that in mind.

Looking forward to seeing all hot mature hungry men soon. Also, my subs and sissy bitches!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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