Anita Love

Hosting in Schaumburg Incall for the next several months. Midwest Tour is over until worst of winter over.

Hi there, all. I had been planning on traveling to Indy and St. Louis still but November overall hasn’t been as successful as prior months of traveling so I’m thinking people are saving for the holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Due to this, it’s probably best rather than losing money to cancel those visiting venues and I’ll try to reschedule when the worst of winter is over (likely March but if it’s a mild winter maybe February).

So plan on me having availability to meet gentlemen with notice (3 hours to 24 hours notice) in Schaumburg at the apartments or outcalls even throughout Chicago and Chicagoland suburbs, for the next three months. Weekends are also possible meet-ups besides during the week. The only time I don’t on weekends is Sunday morning.  I’ve had to remind gentlemen that it is important to learn to plan ahead for meets.

I do have openings in my schedule prior to Thanksgiving, Friday, November 17th through Tuesday, November 21st. I’ll be taking Wednesday and Thursday Thanksgiving Day off.

Lately, I have had many out-of-town visiting gentlemen reach out for outcalls in downtown Chicago and in the suburbs and I have appreciated that boost of business happening. It helps a lot.

As usual, screening in advance is appreciated versus last minute.

The business has changed and even other women have had to go to advance pre-booking notice as hotels are just way to expensive to sit and hold court waiting for me to decide to stop by. That is the old way of doing business pre-COVID.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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