Anita Love

Hosting Thursday and Friday Jan 26 and 27th in Schaumburg – really hoping to see some guys…

Hi there, all. I’ve had difficulties generating interest for the hotels and apartments this week in Schaumburg. Not sure what’s going on. I hope to get interest on Thursday, January 26 and Friday, January 27th in Schaumburg. Being there is a snow storm tomorrow I am guessing it would be dead if I was out there so it wasn’t worth paying for tomorrow Wednesday at a hotel.

If you don’t see me on unfortunately I was $400 short (that’s what it costs monthly) to renew it. Normally I try to pay even if its credit but I can’t do that. Hopefully guys find me.

As far as next week, I may postpone Indiana venues until mid-February based on Tina of Michigan City’s advice. She said she thinks I need to advertise it more before I head out there.  I only have one interested party there in South Bend. Another guy contacted me today but didn’t want to screen.

That’s my week so far.

Hope you all are doing better than me.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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