Anita Love

Memo to Milwaukee potential/clientele and really any other potentials in other locations/states!

Hi there, all. I did cancel Milwaukee and I substituted Green Bay for March 21st thru 24th. So far I have a couple in Green Bay. Waiting on more.

But at least the gents appear to be legitimate in Green Bay.

The Milwaukee guys, full of game players and no one that wanted to screen. I have so many sending messages that I was “on their bucket list”. Folks, again, what I said in a prior blog post, pre-screening and pre-booking brings me to your town. Those that don’t want to screen, it’s a non-likely meeting. Bucket list or no.

I won’t risk my life and get murdered for this business. I’ve been at this since 2014 with a fairly GREAT REPUTATION and some great reviews. I am not out to ruin peoples family situations, marriages, jobs, whatever. So if you can’t figure that out by now, what else can I do?

So I am hoping for positive visits in the coming weeks in Schaumburg, Green Bay, Lombard, Northbrook, Indianapolis, Madison, St. Louis and Minneapolis. Obviously if men do not pre-screen and/or pre-book, it won’t happen!

My Schedule has been updated for April and half of May.

Hope all are doing great!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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