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Northbrook is on Tuesday, April 11th 4pm thru Friday 12pm April 15th! UPDATES HERE

Hi there, all. Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

I did get my Northbrook reservations (Tues April 11, 4pm thru Friday April 15th, 12pm) and will be making my Indy reservations shortly for the week of April 18th. Also, because I lost of week due to bacterial Pneumonia, extending the FBSM special through April 30th.

I removed any special off the 45 minute FBSM. Sorry, I can’t make any money with these shorter appointments and it just cheats the guy from what ends up being a very memorable FBSM.  Guys that want in and out can go with cheap rates can check with other FBSM providers or go to the Asian parlors.

By the way, I always host in safe comfortable places. Never in an at-risk area. You never worry about me and where I host.

Regarding what’s on the bubble this month? It is Milwaukee and Madison week of April April 25th.  No one has inquired, or I should say those that have inquired were game players that wouldn’t screen. So in my mind, that’s no one. I’ve been warned by girls that hosted in the Wisconsin venues before that just because I did well in Madison last time doesn’t mean that it will happen again. I was the new girl on the block then.

My advertising money $250 for Wisconsin Eros is also due soon and I can’t afford to pay it after being off for bacterial pneumonia. I just paid the money for my Indianapolis Eros ad that is supposed to go back up today. It’s no joke how much money these ads cost.

If Milwaukee and Madison fall through, that will become a Lombard and Schaumburg week (week of April 25th).

I just revised my booking form as there were lots of changes that needed to be made and to also reflect the new services, FBSM and Kink Massages.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,



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