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Regarding May 22nd week and May 29th week, half hour visits as well as other thoughts (multiple subjects)!

Hi there, be sure to check out my last two blogs from today May 20th as well. I’m busy, this is my 3rd blog today. Regarding the next two weeks in the Chicagoland area, May 22nd week in Lombard and May 29th week in Schaumburg, please note that I cannot get hotels if I don’t have at least three pre-books. I do need to know in advance if I am needed in Lombard and Schaumburg.

Just keep that in mind. If you contact me for Wednesday on Wednesday, it may not happen.  So please keep that in mind.  I want better planning from my men!

I already told a North Suburban regular that obviously Schaumburg apartments are still available if I have 3 hours to 24 hours’ notice. I can do that on my Lombard weeks and work around that schedule. The Downers Grove apartments may not be available until the week of May 29th.

I am not going to be doing any half-hour visits ever again. I can’t make any money at them with inflation being what it is. I rarely did them anyway, but I did have a handful of old regulars that wanted to fit into my hotel schedules as half-hour clients and I handed those guys Jackie’s ( information to convert to her instead of me. She still does both the 20-minute quick visits and the half-hour visits. Granted you have to fit into her schedule, not the other way around, as she has some weeks in Lombard, some in Lisle, some in Schaumburg, and some in Rockford. Jackie does screen her new clients as well.

Please always read the provider’s websites also. It’s very important to be prepared when meeting a provider and to not ask them questions that are already answered on their websites. If a guy asks me my rates and they are already on my Eros Ad, Tryst Ad, and on my website, you can imagine my response. Especially since my menu isn’t just one thing, I have a rather large menu.

Regarding my travels/touring, overall some great experiences, and have been meeting some great guys! The best take from South Bend, Madison, Green Bay, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and this past week, Omaha is men are starving to meet great providers that will listen to them and provide them their fantasies, GFE, Kink, BDMS whatever that fantasy happens to be. Some men also love my FBSM, and have admitted my spin on doing the FBSM is so much better than Asian massage parlors. Overall so many gentlemen asked for me to return to their areas again, so likely a Midwest Fall tour and possibly an East Coast tour if I can that to work.

What do I get differently from going on the road touring versus staying in Chicagoland? Two things, first are more pre-bookings 24 hours or more in advance of seeing me. These guys in these other cities plan their hobby visits ahead, some of them a week, two weeks or more ahead. The second thing is fewer hagglers and lowballers. Sorry Chicago gentlemen but your counterparts in other cities love me and pay my rates. They don’t treat me like I’m undeserving of a pay raise. Many of my sister providers charge $500 and up per hour on their rates too. So please be respectful. I had one gentleman who visited in Chicagoland for a 90-minute visit from the West Coast tell me my rates “are more than fair” and to just tune out or block the negative guys.

This past week the Omaha guys were very generous even with the tipping and I asked a couple how they handled the hobby with the inflation going on. They said they budget and save. Those aren’t new concepts so affording the hobby doesn’t have to be difficult if you budget and save. I have had guys pay in all 20’s so I know that they likely saved for their time with me.

I will have my next Newsletter out by Monday, May 22nd hopefully so please check your spam folders.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,














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