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Reminder – Schaumburg hotel for Tuesday 4pm March 14th thru Thursday evening. Week of March 21st Green Bay

Hi there, all. I did make reservations in Schaumburg so I will be out there officially this week. Already two cancellations so not the best start. I’ve gotten to the point where the Chicagoland gents just are more game players and not serious. I do have a few that have been reaching out that appear to be serious though unbooked yet. I would love to be able to say that I’ll be back for those I miss but I don’t know yet. It’s a tough time economically and I think some men have moved on to much “cheaper” options (even my grandfathered guys likely have).

I really think I’ll just continue to meet gents at the Schaumburg or Downers Grove apartments and that will be it besides doing touring.  It’s too hard to eat hotel fees which is what it looks like I’ll be doing this week.

I feel bad as I know there are seriously interested “grandfathered” guys out there.  For those grandfathered guys, take note as you are welcome this week in Schaumburg.

Regarding March 21st week, so far only three in Green Bay and was hoping for more. I will still make the trip but likely will cut it down from March 21st to a Wednesday night start March 22nd. Meaning March 22nd 4pm thru Friday noon, March 24th.

Hoping for Northbrook, Indianapolis, Madison, St. Louis and Minneapolis tours to work out but we’ll see.

Regarding March 26th week, I am having a biopsy on Monday, March 27th. Not sure what will happen with that and how it will effect the coming months but obviously the schedule stands as to what April and May look like until I know otherwise. I’m guessing those results will take a week.  Hoping for negative!

Hope everyone has a great week or greater than my week!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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