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Thank you to those gentlemen that are so thoughtful to bring me gifts or leave me tips! Your generosity is never expected but always appreciated!

The last year and a half due to COVID-19 has been a struggle for many of us. I am grateful for both my regulars and my new “falling off the fence” gentlemen!

Should you choose to bring me a little something or email it to me, please keep the following in mind:

Gift Cards are appreciated from my preferred companies such as Amazon, Target, Kohls, Uber, Ulta, Starbucks and Vanilla Visa.

Tipping can also be done through my CashAPP $penzack38, Venmo @penzack38 or Zelle (Zelle is under 630-965-5918, don’t use that phone number for anything else). Please be discreet and state “birthday” or “holiday gift” in the re.

I still love my coffee and take it black (no sugar/syrups or creamers).

Here are my sizes if you would like to pick something out for me to wear for you:
Height 5’7″, weight 160 lbs, lingerie size: extra large, underwear size 7 or large, dress size 12, jeans/pants: size 12, Shirt size large, cup size 38 C, Shoes size US 9.5 wide. 

See my Amazon Wishlist Link for other gift ideas:

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Booking Form

If you would like to book a session, please use the Booking Form on this page. Please do not ignore the screening questions at the last half of the form. Providing as much information as possible will allow me to screen you quickly and possibly allow you to get a same day meeting. Obviously I cannot promise that I will meet you same day as sometimes it is 24 to 48 hours especially if I am contacting references as many providers do not get back to me same day.

All screening information is purged once you are screened. I do know and understand discretion and I expect the same discretion from you as I also have a real life and family.

Should you prefer to screen via email or text message #847-254-2171, that would work as well. Please note that I do need your real first and last name and city/state of residence. I also would like your age as I do have a minimum age. In addition, there are multiple options for screening:

1st option: Work Verification: Send an email from your work email to me at a discreet email and I will NOT return it. Please note that the email must be from an actual business, not a GMAIL or Yahoo Email address.

2nd option: an URL to your LinkedIN (which has your picture on it), plus either of the following: a real Cell Number OR a PG rated selfie with you holding up 2 fingers in peace sign.

3rd option: 2 provider references that you have seen within the past 12 months. Please provide their email, phone number and website. Please contact them to ask permission to use them as references BEFORE you contact me.

4th option: If a Preferred 411 member, please send me at P239107 a private message or a request for appointment within P411. If an RS2K member, I need your first and last name that is on your ID, your city, state of residence, phone number you gave them and your email address.

5th option: If none of the above, please send over a picture of your business card and work badge (if your work badge has full name and picture on it). If no work badge send a picture your ID/DL (feel free to mark out or blur your DL number and address) in addition to business card. If retired, send a picture of you holding your ID with the mark outs of DL number and address or just a pic of ID and a selfie to match.

Finally, if you do not want to send any real information and attachments electronically, contact me via email or text to set up an In person social meet to complete screening in person. There is a donation for my time and that is indicated on the Appreciation page. It is simply for the in person screening and cannot be applied to the first appointment. You must show me your ID and business card at the beginning of the in person social meet. The in person social meet would not be on the same day as an appointment with me. I do have to go back and criminal background check you before any appointments are scheduled.

OK to leave a message?
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Online screening & references
No online presence or references?
Upload Picture ID and Business Card or Work Badge (must have full name & picture).

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