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The frustrations of Chicago suburban business and I hope to be in Schaumburg or Lombard week of March 7th

Hi there, all. I know you all have sensed my frustration. After having the time of my life in Madison last week, I started to realize what I missed most of the business: Gentlemen truly appreciating me, truly wanting to spend time with me and those just making appointments (pre-booking) and keeping their appointments. Did I have a few game players last week? Yes, of course. But the vast majority made their appointments and showed up! 80 percent fetish/BDSM or Kink Massage and 20 per cent GFE or FBSM.  We had the time of our lives. And they overwhelmingly asked me to come back. So I’ve already put it out there that I’ll be back in Madison the last week of April.

I don’t like traveling. In fact, I hate it. But Chicago suburban clientele have pretty much all gone to game playing. New clients don’t want to screen. I do have “regulars” that come out of the woodwork to book at hotels but unfortunately I can’t book a hotel for just one person. Some of my regulars also have turned into game players.

So all I can say is this week I plan to be available for either Lombard or Schaumburg or maybe a day a piece or both at a hotel. It really depends on gentlemen contacting me to book. Or completing my screening and booking.

So anyway, my FBSM and Kink Massages are doing great in other states. Hoping that those appointments will catch on in the area as well. I am quite great with my hands and my mouth. Also, lots of subs/sissy bitches last week. I want more of that in Chicago for my BDSM/Pegging part of my business! Of course, I still love my romantic deep french kissers as well. The GFE business was my first business.

I do still plan on phasing out of this business in 2023. But like in anything, even starting new businesses, I have to make money to put into those other businesses. I also have to make money to pay off bills. So that’s why I’m still here! So don’t miss me while I am still here.

Hugs and voraciously kisses,




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