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Where are the Schaumburg guys? And follow new Twitter @scarlettrose50

Hi there, all. Well, two cancellations in Schaumburg today/this week means I likely won’t be back in Schaumburg indefinitely unless a client is willing to pay current rates and meet me at either the Schaumburg or the Downers Grove apartments. It’s been on and off of an issue for awhile. It was also an issue in Northbrook . I check out this Friday April 28th at 11am.

Cancellations are the reason why so many providers are asking for deposits. I’ve asked for cancellation fees and it’s “crickets” as these guys run off in hiding. I even offer the options of Amazon Gift Cards and Vanilla Visa Gift Cards, both purchase-able at Walgreens in addition to CashApp and Venmo.

I will be starting some camming for multiple income streams in my bid to move out of the business in 2024 so I opened up another Twitter with a camming  new persona, Scarlett Rose. Accordingly a new website for the camming (likely a one page website) will be on horizon (not up yet) and a new Twitter is UP! Follow @ScarlettRose50

I’m working on applications to camming site’s currently and we’ll post the links to those sites soon!

See some pictures here of Scarlett Rose (me) here.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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