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Seven years ago (in 2014) when I became Wild Anita, I was coming from a sexless marriage, just like many of you. I had purely hedonistic pursuits in my thoughts and dreams and as Anita, I could make all of that come true. Because I could pick and choose who I spent time with, I created a grouping of mature men, many of which still come spend time with me today. I call those early clients “the originals” and whenever they call, I am thrilled to let them through my door for our sensual passions to be ignited. And we always have lively conversations and I’m proud that they are so comfortable to share of themselves before they go back to their lives. Yes, I am someone who loves kissing, deep French kissing.  

The last year that was the “COVID-19 year” was a test as so many lost the intimacy and passion in their lives and they were forced to stay home. No social outlets, no hobbies, no activities and no alibis. You’d be ready to grab a jacket and go out and you’d get the question “Where are you going?” And just like that, your bubble was burst as you couldn’t get away after all. If everything is closed including the health club, and all restaurants were curbside, you had no place to escape to. That meant no “Skippy” time. And for Anita, all the intimacy was gone as well. All that was left was for me to pursue was my health and well being. So I did my yoga, pilates and high intensity interval training and I ate low carb and then no carb. At the end of it, I was 72 pounds down. I also just adopted a new puppy to be my hiking dog as hiking is my new past time. So life has been ever changing and better than I could have imagined. I still love being passionate and hedonistic but now I have other interests, Interests that make me an even more interesting multifaceted woman. That’s why I have decided to go low volume. I want the passionate men to visit me but I want time for these other pursuits! For those of you that are on my Newsletter List, you get privy to the Anita Diaries and for a little while you can be in my world and be witness to my wild adventures! Do not forget to join my Newsletter list!

So what can we do together?

Full Body Sensual Massage

– It is an erotic form of sexy form of foreplay. Sensual massage is a type of massage that is designed to increase the sexual pleasure of the person receiving the massage. Sensual massage focuses on the erogenous zones of the body to create a sexual response. It ultimately leads to a “Happy Ending”. The 45-minute version does not include rim/prostate and is a hand release only. The 60-minute version does include rim/prostate and is either a hand or mouth release. Keep in mind that FBSM is not GFE or full service. There is a combination service just added for the busy client that wants it all: pure bliss and deep passion, see Consideration Page. 

Kink Massage

– For those of you more inclined to explore the recesses of your heart, body, and psyche through kinky play, I am here to guide you down the rabbit hole and around the wild party on the other side. I get so much pleasure in exploring the secret garden of your deepest fantasies. Truly, there is so much brilliant, exotic life in this place, and being a part of nourishing it brings me enormous satisfaction. Great energetic relief can come upon the exploration of these places, making kinky massage a very natural method to evoke stored emotion and release it. While there is a limitless sky of activities to incorporate into the massage, a few of my favorites include: bondage, tease and denial, nipple play, electric play (“E-STIM”), breath play, sensual sensory and deprivation play, smothering, impact play, and pain sensory play (pinwheel, spanking, face-slapping), anal/prostate play and wax play. Again, keep in mind that Kinky massage is not GFE or full service. For those of you submissives or kink lovers, this could be the best time of your life!  just added – a combination of both BDSM/Strapon and Kink Massage. Best of all worlds! See Consideration Page. 

You join me for some passionate playtime, many of you joining me for two, three or even four hours of make-out sessions mixed with our naked bodies meeting. You all know how I enjoy the mutual two way street. In between, we have some pillow talk or conversations about our own worlds, some sharing of our thoughts, dreams and passions. You feel “listened to”, inspired and on top of the world for this period of time before you have to leave and get back to your reality. That little corner of time that is just for yourself, you should enjoy that time. If anything 2020 taught us is that life is fragile. We have to boldly step forward into allowing us to pursue our passions! Because it is everything! Why not take that time for yourself? Join that wildly hedonistic kinky girlfriend of yours! That Wild Anita, she’s always ready and waiting to spend time with me.

It’s not easy traveling for work. You go to so many empty hotel rooms and it ends up being quite lonely. Maybe find someone to have dinner and more with? A no drama girlfriend such as Anita. Let’s have some stimulating conversation with a meal and hungry passion being satiated afterwards. Maybe you desire more than dinner and dessert, maybe a whole night of wild lovemaking and holding each other afterwards, bathed in the afterglow. In the morning, we shower together and enjoy each other some more. Why not carry it to an entire weekend. Maybe you want to Drive Me To You? We may only live a state or two apart and you’ve been dying to meet me? Wife or Girlfriend out of town? Now is your chance. Maybe you want me to fly to you and spend a few days, weekend or even a week together? All of that is possible. Wanting to add some kink to that as well? Just ask and I can create the package just for you!

Some men enjoy their prostate stimulated and admit that their best orgasms come from the prostate being stimulated at the same time as their manly parts are being sucked/stimulated. That prostate orgasm, well there is nothing like it. And to be rimmed like your ass is an ice cream cone, that is just an unbelievable combination of sensuality. Why not have everyone’s favorite naughty girlfriend, Anita join you in expanding your horizons further? It’s not like you are asking “Hector” to do that to you. It’s Anita after all. It’s just a little bit of the “shades of gray” that could even stretch to more down the road. If you can’t experiment in Anita’s bedroom, you can’t experiment anywhere!

I provide kink sessions and fetish services for anyone curious to experience flavors beyond vanilla. I am experienced in safe, sane and consensual Dom/sub play. Do you have a specific fetish you wish to delve into? There are some fetishes (though not exhaustive) listed on the Appreciation page Or do you seek to experience something new and stimulating? Perhaps you simply long to have a Mistress like me lead you to explore your darkest and wildest secrets and fantasies. I love nothing more than stretching the limits (and bodies) of those lucky enough to attract my time and attention. I truly appreciate the Dom/sub power exchange and treat it as a way of indulging my dominant nature. I cherish the mental connection between me and my slaves and take equal delight both in guiding the first steps of the curious novice, as well as in leading experienced players into the darker and more deviant recesses of the kink world. Submitting and handing me control of your body and mind can be freeing in the extreme. I am very conscientious in my role. You’re safety and well-being is paramount to me. I will never risk your body or mind. But I will find its respective limits. I am only a dominant and do not engage in submissive acts. Please also note that I delve into light BDSM play and I am not a Dominatrix. Just added, a combination of BDSM/Strapon and Kink Massage. A dynamite combination! 

Are you the busy client that wants the best most complete appointment? You don’t have time for so many appointments so let’s just have it included all in one appointment? The super BDSM/Kink or the Bliss FBSM plus GFE companionship? See Consideration Page. Or do you want me to create a combination to your liking? Seek me out to ask. I desire to create the appointment of your fantasies and dreams. 

This type of dating got more popular during COVID-19 2020. Even though lately those requests dwindled as I have seen more gentlemen hobbyists venturing out, I do see this kind of dating making a comeback. 

For those of you wanting your fantasies to come true before bedtime or sometime during the workday when you have the house to yourself, I do provide FaceTime, Skype, naughty phone calls and naughty sexy chat. I have a great imagination and can do pretty much any role play as a part of our virtual playtime. The problem is most men contact me last minute and want me right then. If you can provide that one to two hour notice and send me my payment one hour before (See Appreciation page for details), we could work the timing out. I never have not given the virtual services when gentlemen have paid in advance. There are many gentlemen that want these kind of virtual services for free and that will never happen with me. Please be respectful of my time.

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