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Coming home from Omaha but wow, generosity! Week of May 23rd Lombard and Week of May 30th Schaumburg

Hi there, all. Yes, I am coming home today from Omaha and then I will be in the Chicagoland area for the week of May 23rd in Lombard and week of May 30th in Schaumburg. I will need pre-bookings and notice though. 3 hours to 24 hours’ notice.

The apartments in Schaumburg are also available for this upcoming week and next. The lady in Downers Grove is moving places (Apartment to House) so she’ll let me know when I can use her space again but it won’t be this week. I’ll be in Lombard at a more private location hopefully.

Regarding Omaha, thankful for the new friends I made and just the overall kindness and generosity of the gentlemen here. I got tipped in 100’s and in Silver. Also, many guys brought me coffee. That is appreciated too! Suffice it to say is I will be returning to Omaha in the Fall. So Omaha gents, stay tuned!

Thank you also to that gentleman that sent me $100 for travel money! He’s been very sweet in tipping regularly even though we haven’t seen each other in several years as he is out of state. Thank you again!

Yes, travel expenses, gas, hotel, food, are all really high right now. But I don’t have as much dedicated clientele in Chicago anymore so I have to go on the road. I should say I do have some great clients but not what I used to have.

Also, newsletter readers, I hope to have my newsletter out by Monday, May 22nd! Check your Spam Folders!

Hope everyone is having a great week and also have a great weekend!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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