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horseyhung‘s Erotic Monkey July 2022 Review of Anita Love

General Description

Phenomenal BDSM service! Perfect combination of savagery and grace.

The Juicy Details
Long story short. I am her slave! She answered the door in a long robe n heels. I wore biker shorts n a nice polo shirt n tennis shoes. I grew excited immediately as evidenced by a prominent bulge. She groped me n pulled me in for a long DFK. She pinched my head n my shorts started staining. She pinched my shaft harder stopping me from ejaculating right there! She tuged my shorts half way down n pinched my head squeezing a sample of my pre-cum onto her fingers. She taste-sampled it then forced her tongue in my mouth for me to swallow. She then led me to the bed by my c*ck n shoved me on my knees. She sat on the bed, opened her robe, spread her legs exposing a healthy size strap-on. “Suck my cock b*tch”, she demanded as she shoved my head between her thighs. I have never sucked a c*ck before except for my own (Yes, I am lengthy) but I managed to get a few inches in. She reached down to finger herself n rubbed her sweet juices on the rubber shaft. She shoved my head further n demanded i go deeper. I couldn’t take anymore n laughed as i gagged. She yelled,” I’m cumming as she thrusted in my mouth. More gagging n she pulled me up by my hair n spit in my mouth. “That’s a pretty healthy load i gave you” she laughed as i swallowed her spit. “You’re a good little c*ck sucker n you deserve a reward”. She turned me around n set me on her bed. My turn to get head. Anita or shall i say “Mistress Anita” Got on her knees n tormented me by teasing my throbber with her tongue n lips. Everytime i oozed pre-cum she would get up n spit it in my mouth. I must’ve swallowed a shot glass full n i hadn’t even peaked yet! After profusely begging her to put me in her mouth she finally gave in after ten minutes. I was in heaven as she slowly covered my cock with her mouth. Anita had nearly nine inches inside her velvety smooth mouth. She would slowly go deep then slowly suck up pinching my head with her lips. She would look up at me n smile extending her tongue showing me my pre-cum then go right back down. She wouldn’t let me cum, though. She would occasionally tickle the boys n even teased my taint. I was in her control n she knew it! “You like having your p*ssy played with”, she asked? I fumbled,” Yes”. “Good”, she wickedly said n pushed my legs up to explore my “p*ssy”. She teased down my shaft stopping at my constricted balls to lightly nibble n suck them. It was torterous as i streamed down my shaft onto her awaiting hand. She used that as lube to stroke me occasionally shoving her fingers into my mouth to lick off her hand. She pushed my ass up n delicately rimmed my taint. At this time i was fully streaming n getting force fed it. I usually ejaculate 24-36 inches, but this was the first time it just flowed out of me. It was the first time i maintained an erection after “cumming”. Her tongue was met by her finger as they both competed for my orafice. My balls had dropped n were met by her tongue which helped keep me hard. A few minutes later my balls re-constricted giving her full access to my “pussy”. She alternated between her finger n her tongue darting in my ass. Her tongue won out n she started squeezing my balls. I reached down n started stroking my c*ck, but she swatted it away n started beating me off hard! I screamed, “I’m ready to cum”! Where she stopped, firmly gripped the base of my cock n said,” No, you’re not”! I sqwauked,” WTF”! She turned around to slap me n said,” What did you say”? I cried, ” I just want to cum”! “Just for that you’re being punished”! She swiveled her hips in 69 position n commanded,” Eat”! Her ass was flush on my face. I slid my head down to please her p*ssy. But, she slid forward, spread her cheeks n commanded me again! Bear in mind that we both worked up a bit of a sweat. I took a whiff n well, it smelled a little like ass. But, then i felt her mouth on my gland n i dove right in. Her bitter nectars turned into honey as i slid my tongue in n danced my tongue inside her rectum. She in turn dug her nails into my balls as i begged while fingering my sphincster as well as putting pressure underneath my head sucking hard. She started riding hard as my tongue dove deep into her anal love canal. She was leaking from both ends! I felt her pussy juices roll down my neck while swallowing her anal nectars. My anal cavity was getting stretched out as i felt a second then third finger enter my man pussy. I winced in pain, but i kept my legs spread as her oral skills of pleasure overcame her deep, deep pentration. She told me to extend my tongue n she rode like a jockey. I pushed at her prostate till she screamed in pleasure, “I’m cumming”! repeatedly. My tongue scraped her inner walls wiping away the excrement and recptively swallowing. Her hand that was digging into my sack was now jacking as Anita was sucking my plum head. “I command you to cum”! as she pumped me hard i spent 3-4 ropes into her mouth. She choked n spit it on my nether region. She continued to pump away as i am a heavy cummer n shot off about a dozen micro jets. Iwas now swabbing the anal rxcrement off the sides of her smooth buns. She unexpectedly relaxed. My tongue still cleaning her anal area as she lifted her left leg to see if i was ok. She gasped in disbelief and satisfaction. She gawked at my stained tongue. She raised her hips far enough to avoid my tongue for sanitary reasons. Her p*ssy was dripping on me n I opened my mouth to accept it. She asked,” Are you ready”? I nodded n she relieved herself inside my mouth. At first a small amount n I swished n swallowed, then a larger amount n swish n swallow. She placed a large towel underneath my head n again asked if i was ready. I opened my mouth wide n she relaxed a lengthy, somewhat salty stream in my mouth. I eagerly swallowed most of it with very little streaming down my face to the towel. She then plopped down on my body n we both relaxed for a bit. We were both slurping up remnants off each others bodies. She slurping the puddle i left on my stomach n me slurping up everything that came from her orafices. After ten minutes we managed to stand up. However, she sat me down n said one thing,” I have a surprise for you.” She pinched my mouth open n deposited remnants of my cum down my throat!
I thanked her n on the way home I savored every ounce of her nectars till I got home only to wash my mouth n to go through the mundane process of going down on my insufferable, self-serving wife. Good thing I had the memories of Anita to help me through it!

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