Anita Love


asiohdgz12’s Review of Anita Love – Spicy Details

General Description

She greets me with a long hug I placed donation down and she didn’t acknowledge it. I washed up my hands and face. took my mask off and I got comfortable. I had her take off her clothes nice and slow. She looked awesome

The Juicy Details

Nice lady with a great personality and a fabulous figure. Anita is professional in her conduct and very talented with her services.She started rubbing her feet on my crotch. As we were both getting wound up, we repaired to the bedroom area and off came all of our cloths. Anita loves to go right down on you, has super intense cock sucking skills.

She also lets you return the favor and comes easily and repeatedly. Then she mounted cow girl. She’s really sexy and gets herself aroused with intense grinding. I mounted her while gripping the headboard for leverage and she implored me to really bang her. Anita just held me inside to wring out every pleasurable shudder. She offered to go again but I was spent. Would certainly see Anita again!

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