Anita Love


becomingaddicted’s Review of Anita Love – Spicy Details

General Description

I have been visiting this lady for some time now. She is a great provider and is almost always available. Anita gives you service with a smile and won’t leave you hanging.

The Juicy Details
Anita knew just what I liked without saying a word. I kissed her all over and slowly worked my way down to her vaginal labia. I gently kissed and sucked each one until finally lightly flicked her clit with my tongue. I worked my way back up to her breast and we kissed them again for a long time.It was now my turn. This lady is an expert at BBBJs. Very slow and great work with her tongue. She takes you all the way down her throat and even manages to lick your testicles. I had to stop her as I was ready to explode. We had deep slow sensual sex in several different positions. She is not only a good fun loving person who loves her job and loves to please you but she is also everything you could desire between the sheets.

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