Anita Love


General Details
Anita gave me everything I needed. She was in control and she made me hers in every way. My cock was hard and all i felt was pleasure and im so coming back to her. She was extremely professional, she gave me her personal website where I could find everything I needed before we met.

The Juicy Details
It was my first time with a domme but I wanted a woman in control. I texted her and she sent me her website where I found her amazing lingerie pics and all the info i needed to agree and meet her. She also said that she only takes men from 40 to 80, lucky me!. She gave me an address, it was a decent hotel and we sat down on the sofa. I put down my donation and she told me what to do. She already knew that I wanted from before so it was easy to start. She made me take my clothes off and sit on a chair. After that she did with me as she pleased and man!! I gotta say, that woman is creative!! THere were toys and ropes and my stick was hard the whole time. Her mouth is evil and at the end she lied down on the bed and she told me to eat her pussy, i made her wet really fast and then she told me to fuck her slow and I said ok. I came so hard !!! I need to see her again.

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