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Discretion is at the center of my business! Please read..

Hi there, everyone.  While I have been touring, a bit of controversy and drama on Twitter has erupted. Some of you don’t have a Twitter and some do and may be aware of the issue that came up last week.

There is a Boston Provider @StaceySmithVIP (a 20-something blonde provider),  who posted on Twitter earlier this week a selfie pic of a potential client that sent a selfie as a part of his screening, but evidently, it pissed her off that he didn’t do it the way she wanted. Well, regardless of the reasoning, his Selfie pic was posted on Twitter for all to see. That folks is NOT Discretion. And if you saw it, you were likely shaken to the core. Obviously, anyone in that gentleman’s inner circle (co-workers, friends, wife) could have seen that and figured out that he was making a date with an escort.

That is NOT what discretion is about and make no mistake, is never something I would ever do. Your information, anything you have shared with me about your life, whatever, is always a secret between you and I. Your screening is purged after screening is completed including any selfie pics should that be one of the methods chosen.

It’s a tough road for me to gain confidence from men based on men’s fears. Many of you have been scammed over a period of years in the hobby and many fence-sitters may never jump into the hobby due to “the Stacey’s of the world” repeatedly scaring the hell out of them. I also have heard about the scams surrounding deposits. If I ask for a deposit, I have ALWAYS provided the services for it. If I canceled an appointment or canceled a tour, those that have given me deposits have always had them returned.

All I can to those that are new to the hobby or are living in fear of it is please minimize risk by “screening” providers via the following: Google their phone number and read all ads you find about them, as hopefully more than one exists; read their website fully (to be honest with you, if I were you, never see a provider that doesn’t have a website), read any and all available reviews from others (hopefully a few reviews per platform exist) and read her social media (most providers are on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook).

The above should be the mandatory way of getting ready to ask for a “date”. Reputable providers usually do screen also. If they give you an address without screening, that should concern you on many levels. By the way, lady cops usually don’t screen. They want you there so they can slap the cuffs on you.

Now back to Stacey. Yes, I know none of what I said to do about screening providers would have protected you from Stacey. After she posted that comment with his picture, there were probably 20 of us providers that commented and asked her to take the Twitter post down. She acted like she could care less and went to bed (it was a 10 pm posting). Many of us including myself reported her post to Twitter and Twitter took it down (not Stacey). The next morning Stacey was upset that it got taken down and started railing on all of us who were critical of her decision to post. Yes, I did get blocked by her (happy about that!).

By the way, she commented on Twitter that her phone was going off the hook and she was booked for weeks in advance by gentlemen and so obviously these guys will forgive anything from a 20-something beautiful size 2 blonde, something they would never do of a mature chubby cougar such as myself. She played the victim in all of this to those guys and supposedly won!

Now also keep in mind that the age group mainly Generation Z and Millenials (men AND women) are the entitlement generation and they don’t usually take responsibility for any mistakes. I am not saying everyone in their 20s and 30s is like that but many are. It’s the reason why I have the minimum age requirement and also deposits required for ages 35 and under. These guys make appointments and are no-call no show or are chronic same-day cancellers without any thought to the fact that providers lose a lot of money from cancellers/no-call no-shows. We call them the “fantasy booker” generation.

I cut off a lot of texters, stating they have to screen to meet me or get to the point of why they are even texting. Once they start texting explicitly or talking about scheduling appointments/meet-ups without even screening, it is usually a block. If guys don’t get any answers from me by text, it’s because they have been blocked in the past. I’ve found out that it doesn’t kick back to tell people that they have been blocked when they text me. My preference for any new people will always be email communication until screening is completed, but if guys are able to get me screening information/attachments via text, that is okay too. Obviously, the Booking Form on my website is the preferred method but I fully understand men’s concerns regarding 3rd party forms.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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