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The reason behind deposits and cancellation fees explained

Hi there, all. I think it’s time to bring up the subject that hobbyists/clients hate the most.  It’s deposits and cancellation fees. I’m not a mandatory deposit lady for those that have seen me before and without a history of cancellation. I mainly ask for deposits from the age 30’s and under crowd because they are the time wasters/fantasy bookers that disappear quickly either in a no-call no show situation or in a last-minute cancellation.

So if I have a gentleman make an appointment for an apartment booking (either Schaumburg or Downers Grove), I pre-book the space and pay the ladies that I subrent from in advance. If a guy cancels last minute like he did today and I’ve paid already, I am out that money that I sent to her for the space.  It’s happened a few times in the last several months including today. So that’s why deposits are requested from about 60 per cent of the women that do this business, for exactly what happened to me today.

If a guy cancels last minute (24 hours before or less, or same day) and there is no deposit, he should offer the cancellation that is on my website (25% of the total amount of the appointment) either in a gift card such as Vanilla Visa Gift Card or CashApp or Venmo. I shouldn’t have to plead for it nor should any provider left with a cancellation last minute should have to plead for a cancellation fee. It’s the RIGHT THING TO DO.

For the guys that do pay the 25% deposits in advance, then I have the fee for the apartment already and no cancellation fee is necessary.

So that’s why the deposits and cancellation fees have become much more prevalently asked for in the last year. There is a definite increase in men last minute cancelling. Now I don’t think’s it’s always malicious or it’s not always fantasy bookers.

I do think men do get busy at work or at life and sometimes they just can’t make it due to responsibilities at work or at home. Sometimes it’s also sickness related which also is understandable. Please understand though that the provider’s time and money is important and the reason so many women are leaving this business is due to that type of treatment. Inflation affects all of us.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,


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