Anita Love


TER Review from Sept 2021 – Bagelfish is reviewer

General Details

I planned very far in advance. Worked out smoothly. Confirmed during the week. Easy and responsive communication. Met with her. She has lost a lot of weight and looked great. Took a bit to warm up but once we started play? It was simply fantastic. Anita is definitely the woman who will pamper you to the best of her ability and do it so lovingly. I recommend seeing her and I shall repeat.

The Juicy Details

Once we meet up and I got comfortable. She leaned over and gave me some lfk. Could have gone deeper but I’m not much of a kisser. But for those looking for that? She is DEFINITELY the one for that. I told her how I liked to be teased and eased into. She was perfect. I was ready to go and she pretty much had my dick in her mouth.

She pretty much worshipped my dick for two hours orally and had me get off 1 good orgasm and 3 very strong orgasms. She would go from my balls to my dick. Treating each inch of my manhood like it was her grown woman pacifier. She also caught every drop of my cumshots. Swallowed too in a oral creampie manner. She’s the best ball sucker I’ve had the pleasure meeting. After my 4th orgasm? I tapped out for the sake of my mental sanity.

There was definitely more on the table but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and she was willingly to try and get every drop out of me.

Gentlemen. Please treat her well and if you a little more kink with your older lady? Anita is definitely the one. I’m too vanilla but she treated me extremely well.

I will definitely be repeating.

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