Anita Love


General Description

Called Anita and scheduled a time. Headed over to her place. Called her once I was there, took me a while to find her but eventually got there. She open the door and looked similar to the pictures. Hard to tell if it was her or not because it was a bit dark.

The Juicy Details

She lead me to the bed, and caressed my body with her gentle touch. This was my first visit in the area, so I was a bit nervous to say the least, which she very quickly caught on. “Relax” she whispered into my ear, and eased my tension with her lips all over my body.

She took me inside her mouth and moved slowly, and then fast; changing up the pace did an extra job. Needless to say, I was ready in no time.As I was laying on my back, she comes on top of me and took me inside her warm, soft, and gripping place both literally and figuratively.When we changed to position and she laid on her back, she said in a very soft voice “f*** me”. I leave this part up to your imagination.

Her eyes widened and she looked very inviting. She is very spontaneous that way.As we changed the hat, she rides me on top, and glides in a rhythmical pace. This really finished me off. While I was still inside her, she tightened herself and added pressure to my sensitive gland, and enjoyed watching my uncontrollable spasm. We talked afterwards as she was giving me a massage. She really is very personable.

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